The Carol Cramer Memorial Scholarship

Advanced Diploma Community Sector Management

What is it?

The Carol Cramer Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a student who wishes to complete the Advanced Diploma Community Sector Management.

Who was Carol?

Carol Cramer was an integral part of the EmployEase family as a trainer and assessor, mentor and leader. She was very passionate about students who really wanted to make a difference in the community sector field.
Carol believed strongly in the opportunities that education, support and personal endeavours can provide and her legacy lives on through this scholarship.


Australian Citizen

Applicants must be an Australian citizen

Meets Course Eligibility

Must meet required pre-training review, LLN and eligibility requirements

Studying ADM

Must be studying CHC62015 - Advanced Diploma Community Sector Management

Carol wanted to make a difference to all the lives she had cared for.

She believed that everyone should be treated with a person-centered approach and was a passionate advocate for all people’s lives she touched. Her passion for training and nurturing students in the community sector extended beyond the training room and her skills were embraced by all.

She willingly shared her knowledge of the disability sector, encouraging her students to do the best they could inspiring them to always be open to learning and striving to be the best at all they did.

At EmployEase we understand how important education is in achieving your  potential. Our scholarship can help you. We will award a scholarship throughout Australia to a student who shows leadership in training and in their role.

To help you reach your potential we are offering a scholarship program for a student studying CHC62015 Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management.


How Do I Apply?

To apply for this scholarship, contact your EmployEase Course Advisor at 03 9761 2156 and complete the Scholarship Application Form.

What others say about Carol

When asked to share a few words about this wonderful human being who left us suddenly and way too soon, instantly the following words came to mind. A gorgeous woman with a passion and devotion towards qualities of compassion, kindness, advocacy for those without a voice, education and compliance, compliance, compliance!

As your embarking on your course, which have her footprints in the various resources, please in tribute to Carol, honour the value of education, your trainers, fellow students and above all, honour the sector to which you serve.
Bless your soul above dear friend.

– Penny C, Friend & Colleague

Carol Cramer and I shared so much together. We were colleagues for about 5 years. We shared mutual students, job roles, our middle name and our birth month. Mostly though we shared an aligned sense of humor. Many laughs were shared over difficult situations keeping us both calm, focused and able to return to the job at hand.

Carol was wise. She had a way of randomly calling me at the perfect time, like she knew I needed a sounding board. Carol was always there when I needed her to be and had a way of keeping me grounded though validated and able to keep sight of the goal. Carol was just able to guide anyone through though times. It’s like she absorbed everyone else’s hardships and took the pressure off them. Carol guided countless amounts of her students similarly. She gave them the strength to carry on with their course to reach their end goal.

Carol always went the extra mile for her friends, her colleagues, and her students. I bump in to past students regularly and they always remember Carol and the assistance she provided them. All students respected Carol. I think her ‘have fun but no nonsense’ approach really stood for something and resonated to students’ professions. There is many a fine manager out there due to Carol.

Carol is very missed. It is such a beautiful recognition by EmployEase to provide this scholarship in the name of Carol Ruth Cramer – Role model, professional, moral, loyal, intelligent, wise, brilliant friend and colleague, who has impacted so many peoples lives in such a positive way.

Carol would have been absolutely honored to have known of this scholarship but she would not have boasted about it, she would have simply have said something like “well that’s a very nice recognition of my work”, which indeed it is.

Carol, You are gone but will never be forgotten. Thank you Employease for ensuring that Carol’s legend lives on strong.

Mim Ring – Friend & Colleague

I first met Carol when we worked together for another organisation. After a few years, I left that organisation. I then joined EmployEase, only to find to my delight that once again we would be work colleagues.

I was extremely pleased to see a familiar face. Carol made me feel very welcome and at ease as she did with everyone. She was always the first person to offer support to myself and other trainers, nothing was ever too much trouble. Carol was also happy to share her knowledge and experiences not only with trainers but also her students, all of whom were very important to her.

It was always great to have a chat with Carol when working at the same site. Her door was always open. I will never forget these and often learnt something new. Carol had a beautiful way of making your time with her special and for that time, you were all that mattered.

Carol was very committed to her students and had a wonderful passion for the community sector.

Carol was certainly one very special lady.

Bernie A, Friend & Colleague

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