Meet Our Trainer – TJ Singh
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Meet Our Trainer – TJ Singh

Taranjeet Singh, affectionately known as TJ, is an exceptional professional dedicated to making a significant impact in the lives of individuals through education and support.

Based in Adelaide, TJ holds a Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership and brings over six years of extensive experience in the Exceptional Needs and Disability sector to his role.

His passion for empowering individuals is evident in his dedication as a trainer and assessor, where he strives to provide top-notch education and unwavering support to his students.

A Multi-Talented Professional

Fun Facts About TJ:

Beyond his professional prowess, TJ is an avid sportsman with a unique twist. He proudly serves as the wicketkeeper for his niece’s cricket team, showcasing his enthusiasm and commitment to both family and sport.


TJ’s interests span a wide range of activities that keep him engaged and energized. He has a love for travel, always eager to explore new places and immerse himself in diverse cultures. Hiking is another favorite pastime, allowing him to connect with nature and maintain his fitness. Additionally, TJ is deeply involved in social service, dedicating his time and efforts to uplift and support his community.

TJ Singh is more than just a trainer and assessor; he is a beacon of inspiration and support for those he teaches. His diverse skills, passionate dedication, and vibrant personality make him an invaluable asset to our team and a cherished mentor to his students.

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