Why face-to-face courses beat online
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Why face-to-face courses beat online

Why face-to-face courses beat online

It is becoming more and more common to study online. But think about this. Are you really getting the best out of your course studying in isolation? When you are studying to learn new skills with the hope of finding a job, face-to-face courses have a lot more to offer as they help you feel more comfortable interacting with others.

Here are four good reasons to walk away from the comfort of your home and spend time in a face-to-face class to pursue your goals.

1.   Motivates you to complete your course

Distractions are often par for the course when studying online. As soon as you sit down to study maybe the phone rings or the kids need your attention. It can be difficult studying under these conditions and you can lose motivation. Often life just gets in the way.

Working face-to-face in a class with other like-minded people, together with a good facilitator who engages you, can motivate you to complete your course. It also inspires you to do your best. A facilitator can explain things simply in a way that is easy to understand.

Sharing a class with others gives you a taste of being out in the world which helps prepare you for employment. You may even strike up new friendships — what a bonus.

Did you know that EmployEase completion rates are 70%? Not only that, 83.7% of EmployEase students get a job after completing their course.

2.   Experience interacting in real life

When learning face-to-face you get experience interacting in real life which builds confidence and communication skills. This enriches your learning environment.

EmployEase courses include a range of practical, hands on skills you can only truly learn and experience in a face-to-face environment. Working with your class mates and facilitator allows you to get instant feedback and positive encouragement which inspires you to do your best, something you will miss out on when learning online.

3.   Learn team building skills

Essentially, learning face-to-face in a class is similar to working as a team. Attending course classes enhances your team building skills, something you need in the workplace. In addition, you can collaborate in an environment without any distractions. It may also surprise you what other students have to offer and how much you can learn from them.

4.   Get results faster

Online is often sold as a fast way to get results. Is it really? People often fall into the trap of paying less for an online course and then struggle to find the time to study. You can even end up giving up in total frustration. There is no one to interact with or to ask for help. This means you may forfeit the cost of an online course where there is better value for that money by doing a face-to-face course. While they may be more expensive than online courses, you get results faster and a better chance of employment.

When thinking of studying healthcare, find a course and talk to us. We are always available to help you.

Due to COVID-19, we can’t always meet face-to-face. That’s why our courses are delivered using a blended method of face-to-face and online. But don’t worry, our online sessions are LIVE and run by your dedicated trainer. You still get the chance to ask questions and interact with your classmates!

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