Bladder & Bowel Care Bladder & Bowel Care

Bladder & Bowel Care

Provide optimal bladder & bowel care for clients

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Course Overview

This course provides non AHPRA registered staff working in aged care and disability support settings with entry level skills and knowledge to safely provide support to clients requiring assistance with general bladder and bowel health, urinary device care and bowel stoma care.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will gain an understanding of the following concepts:

  • Urinary & digestive system structure and health
  • General bladder & bowel health and continence care
  • Infection control considerations
  • The importance of nutrition and hydration
  • The importance of skin integrity and assessment
  • Complications of the urinary & digestive systems
  • Indications for catheterisation, condom drainage or ostomy
  • The stoma and stoma appliances
  • Neurogenic bowel
  • Administration of suppositories and enemas
  • Person centred support and documentation
  • The wider care team
  • Psychosocial impacts
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving

This course is delivered in the classroom and includes theory, practical activities and a knowledge test.

Practical activities include administration of suppositories and enemas*, application of condom drainage, catheter bag changes and ostomy bag changes.

* Medication Competency – General medication competency is required to participate in activities involving the administration of medication

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