We are excited to tell you that we have refreshed our brand to reflect the healthcare community that we are part of.

Whether you have known us for a while or are meeting us today for the very first time, we’re still the same team working hard to deliver high-quality training that facilitates positive change in the life of learners and the community.

Over the years, we have evolved as a company and joined forces with our parent company, Healthcare Australia (HCA).

HCA is Australia’s leading mobile healthcare solutions provider. We have a highly-skilled multidisciplinary workforce nationwide, offer premium services, and deliver best practice training. With a commitment to quality, flexibility and diversity, HCA connects healthcare professionals, organisations and people to provide end-to-end healthcare solutions as needed. HCA fills the healthcare skills gap to ensure people in Australia always have the support they need.

Introducing the new EmployEase logo:

What does the rebrand mean for students?

Our new branding does not affect how existing or future courses are delivered. However, it does mean that graduates have direct access to Australia’s largest healthcare recruitment agency and job opportunities.

Healthcare Australia are subject matter experts when it comes to healthcare services, recruitment, training and more. Merging with HCA means that students have access to resources and job opportunities across Australia. After graduating with EmployEase and gaining industry experience, the HCA team may support you with agency, permanent or contract roles throughout all major cities and rural areas in Australia.