Meet Our Trainer – Josie Z
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Meet Our Trainer – Josie Z

If you read through our reviews on Google and comments on our social channels, you would no doubt have seen Josie mentioned numerous times. She is a wonderful mentor who is absolutely loved by students and colleagues due to her passion in teaching and positive outlook on live. Read on to learn more about Josie and what keeps her going.

How has your journey in EmployEase been?

At first I was a trainer and mentor for the HLT33115 Certificate III in Health Services Assistance course. Now I am the HSA Placement Coordinator as well. I was asked several times to be a Placement Coordinator and by the third time I said yes! 

I am very passionate about training, mentoring and supporting students. I love showing them that you can achieve anything if you want like I did. I’ve built a wonderful and respectful relationships with students over the last 4 1/2 years.

What are some facts about you that students would find interesting?

I have worked as a Health Service Assistant for the last 19 years. The students that I train know that I have the knowledge about the course they are studying.

One more interesting fact that students like – We have codenames for specific student groups, and I like to do something special based on the group names. For example, we had a group called Cannoli and on their orientation day, I made fresh cannoli for them. We had another group called Krispy Kreme and I brought a couple of boxes on their orientation day. It makes the students feel welcome.

What’s your most memorable experience with EmployEase?

Getting hired as a Trainer and Mentor! Also everyone just working together and putting the time to show me about how an RTO runs, just working together as a family and of course having the faith in me asking me to be HSA Placement Coordinator and as well Students officer. Now I’m sitting down with the students in South Australia doing LLN Testing.

What do you think of the students that you have trained?

They love Roleplays, and I love seeing them come out of their comfort zone, working together, feeling safe in class or on zoom and asking questions if they need assistance.

The student groups go along so well which was wonderful to see!

Are there any students who stood out during your time as a trainer?

Many, many, many of them! As a HSA trainer and mentor I would say 90% stood out, and I have assisted 80% of my students to get jobs which was a great achievement I could have asked for.

How has the learning methods change compared to when you started teaching?

For me, the learning method didn’t change. I got confidant just being myself and listen to the ones who have been doing it for years, but I have always have had people skills and patience with people. I’ve been a student’s buddy many times at Monash Health when students are on placement.

I have been a Health Service Assistant for the last 19 years and still do one day a week at Casey Hospital to keep current in what I train.

Why is HSA I great course for people to get into?

The HSA course has got a wonderful pathway in the hospital setting. I have worked in all wards to expand my skills and assisting the nurses. With this course you can upskill yourself in many different areas.

I always believe no matter what your job is in life, you will succeed if you give it 100%. I know this!

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