Programs for People with a Permanent Cognitive Impairment or Intellectual Disability
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Programs for People with a Permanent Cognitive Impairment or Intellectual Disability

The are very few programs for people with a permenant cognitive impiarment or intellectual disability throughout Australia. Continue reading and learn more about an amazing program in Melbourne which is funded under the Victorian Department of Education Skills First Funding.

The transition to adult life for young adults with a permanent cognitive impairment or intellectual disability can present a whole new world of opportunities. However, it can also come with its fair share of challenges. There are a limited number of choices that young adults and older adults with a disability can choose from, which is why it’s important to understand what is available.

Have you ever heard of the Cert I in Transition Education?

The 22301VIC Certificate I in Transition Education is a course specifically for people over the age of 18 who are looking to learn real-life skills such as health and wellbeing, personal safety, budgeting, goal setting, travelling independently and much more. These life skills are crucial for improving self-confidence, making friends and more importantly, having fun!

We believe that one of the best ways to learn is by doing, which is why this course focuses on getting out into the community to do hands-on activities that students will use in the real world.  This course gives the opportunity to continue the life-long learning journey, and even maintain skills developed through early childhood and in education settings that will sustain employment options and enable participants to be successful in their long-term goals.

The Cert I in Transition Education course is designed for anyone with a disability at all different stages in their lives. This may be looking at independent living skills, and even future work or volunteer opportunities.

We believe in promoting independence for those with a Disability and give them all the skills they need to achieve their own personal goals!!

Is the course government funded?

For eligible students, the course is fully funded under the Victorian Department of Education Skills First Funding initiative. This is totally separate from and does not impact a participant’s NDIS funding package.

Watch more about the Cert I in Transition Education course:

We’ve created a video featuring some of our current Boronia students and the Cert I trandsition Education Trianer, Deb:

How to apply

The 22301VIC Certificate I in Transition Education course runs in multiple locations throughout Melbourne on a regular basis by EmployEase Training. Click the link below to learn more and make an enquiry.

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