What it Takes to be a Great Disability Support Worker

What it Takes to be a Great Disability Support Worker

Working as a disability support worker is one of the most rewarding careers you can pursue. It means making a positive difference in someone’s day, every day. You help people who need assistance live their best life, and there aren’t many other jobs where you can say that.

It’s easy enough to say it’s a rewarding industry, but what does it really take to become a disability support worker?


Empathy is being able to feel what someone else is feeling. As a disability support worker, you need to be able to see things through someone else’s eyes, putting yourself in another person’s shoes and identifying with what that person needs.

As a disability support worker, you need to be able to connect with your client to offer them proper support. A good disability support worker understands the emotions a person with disabilities may struggle with, in order to give tailored, effective care.


Gaining a qualification is the number one way to learn the skills needed to become a great disability support worker.

The CHC43115 Certificate IV in Disability is the best way to get started in the industry. It gives you the skills, confidence and practical experience to work as a home carer, disability support worker or working with agencies to provide in-home care for those with disabilities.  This is also the qualification that employers highly desire when they are looking for new employees.


Getting started in this industry takes a lot more than a qualification. You need to be passionate! You’re more likely to do a great job when you’re passionate about it, and this especially goes for a disability support worker. It can be a demanding job which often requires you to think on your feet so it’s important to enjoy it.


As anyone who’s spent any time with a person with a disability, you’ll know simple tasks can take much longer to complete. A great support worker needs to be patient enough to handle each situation calmly as it happens, without getting frustrated. Patience is the key to success.


A good disability support worker is someone who lights up the room when they walk in. Many people with disabilities suffer from low moods or depression, so it’s important they have someone who provides a lift.

Think outside the box

Your role as a disability support worker is to ENABLE that person to reach their goals. This means thinking outside the box and having a positive can-do attitude. Whether that’s supporting your client to independently order their own food at a restaurant, helping them join a new community social club, or helping them find an educational course such as the 22301VIC Certificate I in Transition Education.

Get started

Thinking of making a real difference in your community and becoming a disability support worker? EmployEase runs courses in multiple locations throughout Melbourne. Start a course and gain skills and qualifications to get started in the industry.

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