8 Reasons Why You Should Work in Aged Care
Aged Care

8 Reasons Why You Should Work in Aged Care

Working in aged care means having a career in an industry which will never go bust. Plus, the number of aged care job vacancies has more than doubled Australia-wide year on year and there are more jobs than workers.  This means that getting a job can be super easy with the number of opportunities available.

When it comes to the day to day realities of working in aged care, a lot of us might be put off as it can be a challenging job. But as anyone who has worked in the industry will tell you, there are more rewarding aspects to the job that you never would have thought of.

Whether you want to change career, re-enter the workforce, or recently finished your studies, here are 8 reasons why you should start a career in aged care;

The laughs and entertainment

You get involved in all the activities, festivities and soon become part of the family. Interested in arts and crafts, games and outdoor activities? Life as an Aged Carer is fun and entertaining.

You get to experience the personal satisfaction of knowing that you are doing a job that genuinely makes a difference

Getting up to go to work is much easier when you know that what you do has a positive impact on the community.

You meet lots of new people

It gives you the opportunity to meet a wide variety of older people and make a tremendous difference in their quality of life.

You’ll be surrounded by smiles

There’s nothing more rewarding than walking into a room full of people smiling and knowing you’re part of the reason why. Whether you’re taking the elderly out shopping, getting their hair cut, or just simply enjoying the sunshine out in the garden, aged care is full of smiles!

It’s rewarding

It’s challenging but the rewards are huge. There can be a lot of miracles in aged care, whether it’s a stroke patient learning to talk again or a dementia patient remembering a loved one who has come to visit. Sometime’s it’s the most heartwarming job in the world.

You learn something new every day

Residents are full of interesting stories and facts about themselves or a time they lived through. Unlike most people you come across in work, the elderly love putting time aside to share their experiences. Sometimes it is a tale of romance, sometimes war, but they are stories that can transport you to another time.

Anyone for cake?

Setting aside the love and kindness, care homes are full of cake! Birthdays, family visits, national holidays, the list goes on… Any excuse for a celebration brings lots of cake into care homes and it would be rude not to take part, right?

You get to work anywhere in Australia

Feeling adventurous? Gaining your qualification in aged care enables you to work ANYWHERE in Australia! The elderly are in need of care throughout the whole country which makes it easy to move around and pick up work!

Interested in Aged Care?

Even throughout the pandemic, you can enrol in a course starting in the next month and become fully qualified in 6 months. We’ve been training people to become support workers in Victoria for almost 30 years.

Plus, our courses are government funded for eligible students*, meaning the costs doesn’t break the bank.

Start a rewarding career today

Kick your career goals with EmployEase and learn the skills to make a real difference in your community.

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