The Benefits of Learning in Small Groups
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The Benefits of Learning in Small Groups

Not everyone likes learning in big groups, especially in healthcare where it’s vital to have plenty of one-on-one time with an experienced trainer.

Learning in small groups can help keep you motivated when you have others to interact with.

EmployEase runs small group classes so you get the most out of your course. Small groups help your trainer to better understand you and your needs and give you a better chance of completing the course.

Learning as part of a bigger group can be difficult as there is less opportunity to ask questions when you do not understand something.

Here are four benefits of learning in small group classes:

Builds confidence

It can be tough asking questions in a classroom, especially if you have been out of work for a while or are changing careers. You may feel embarrassed asking questions or think others will think you are stupid. Not so. Everyone is in the same position. Remember, “the only stupid question is the one you do not ask.”

Our classes are small so we encourage all our students to ask questions. These are informal settings compared to large classes. This can make you feel more comfortable as you get to know your fellow classmates. And other students asking questions will encourage you to open up. Working in small classes helps you build confidence, which you will need when looking for a job.

Flexible learning environment

When you learn in a small group, your teacher can be more flexible. They can spend more time on a particular area when students struggle to grasp the concept. Or another student can volunteer to help you.

Your teacher will get to know who you are personally and understand how you learn, which can help you form good study habits. Good study habits lead to great results, and great results lead to a fantastic career!

Instant feedback

In large classes, the feedback is often limited to marking assignments. While you will still have assignments in small classes, you are more likely to get instant feedback, encouraging you to keep going. It will also help you gauge whether you are on the right track.

Small classes usually allow for students to share their points of view and perspectives. This helps you get better insight into what you are learning. When you can share your thoughts in a small class, your trainer can take part and give instant feedback on these discussions.

Improves your ability to work in a team

Out in the workplace, you need the ability to work well within a team. Learning in small groups helps you build on your teamwork skills. Instead of zoning out or becoming distracted when trying to learn in a large class, you feel comfortable contributing to the group.

Small classes help you to:

  • Develop better communication skills
  • Receive support that can encourage you to risk speaking up
  • Share and understand different points of view and ideas
  • Become a valuable member of the group

Pathway to employment

EmployEase courses give you a pathway to employment into nursing, aged and community care, and disability. Are you ready to learn something new? Do you want to build your confidence to build a new future?

Find a course that suits you. Our courses are for adults 18 and over and Government Funding* and JobTrainer is available for eligible students!

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